Gowan Road and Athelstan

The Gowan Road, south east of the town of Huntingdon is an excellent location for dragonfly watching but is seriously buggy at times. After visiting the Pitch Pine Reserve (see last post) I dropped in to see what was happening. Fortunately the flies were not too bad and the dragonflies were showing nicely.

To find the Gowan Road take route 202 from Huntingdon to Herdman. Before you reach the point where the 202 bears east Gowan Road is on your left. The whole road is good, the side road, Montee Massey is also worth looking at. The area is quiet for traffic and mostly private so do as your conscience dictates. Part way down Gowan there is a cut on the left, just after a bridge, which is particularly good and there are no privee signs.

Nearby on the road from Athelstan to Huntingdon there are a couple of bridges over the river where you can find Ebony and River Jewelwing and, at the larger bridge, Black-shouldered Spiny-legs sometimes.

The species seen were: Ebony Jewelwing; River Jewelwing; Emerald Spreadwing; Hagen’s Bluet; Eastern Forktail; Green Darner; Harlequin Darner; Lilypad Clubtail; Lancet Clubtail; Dusky Clubtail; American Emerald; Racket-tailed Emerald; Banded Whiteface; Dot-tailed Whiteface; Four-spotted Skimmer; Twelve-spotted Skimmer; Common Whitetail; Chalk-fronted Corporal; Widow Skimmer. No baskettails at these sites either.

Emerald Spreadwing – often the first spreadwing of the year.

American Emerald

Racket-tailed Emerald

Widow Skimmer – not fully mature.

Harlequin Darner – above and below and taken with the ‘small’ camera – even in flight.



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I'm a birder, I also look at odes and leps, busy guy.
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2 Responses to Gowan Road and Athelstan

  1. Sheldon says:

    Excellent photos, Mark. Perhaps you could answer a question about dragonflies. As a small kid, I remember my mother warning us that dragonflies were dangerous. There was even a warning from her that certain ones, perhaps logically the ones called “darners” would land on your hands and sew your fingers together! So, for obvious reasons, I have always been a little nervous around dragonflies. So, what’s the true story? Do any dragonflies bite or sting, or do other nasty things to humans? Thanks.

    • notdennis51 says:

      Hi Sheldon – dragonflies don’t sting or sew but they can bite although perhaps bite is too strong a word for it. They can’t break the skin and I just let them get on with it, it doesn’t hurt. We should be thankful though that they are not a meter long anymore, if they were then we would be in deep trouble.

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