River Bluet

Today I had an excellent walk around St-Lazare sand pits with Richard Yank. We started at the west end of the complex and our first net success was a male River Bluet Enallagma anna (l’agrion à longs cerques). Photos were duly taken and the insect released, interestingly it was well away from the initial discovery site of last year – encouraging that they are still present and that we seem to have a viable population, albeit a very small one.

The bluet was the first lifer that Richard was hoping for, next came a couple of Brush-tipped Emeralds Somatochlora walshii (Cordulie de Walsh) that gave us the opportunity to show how athletic an ode-netter we both were. Needless to say they got away with a level of consistency that shows cunning but they did show well in the bins. As the morning warmed up so did the Eastern Red Damsels Amphiagrion saucium (Agrion rougeậtre), lifer #3. A passing Wandering Glider Pantala flavescens (Pantale flavescente) was a first of the year for me with a few more seen later as we went into the pits proper looking for saddlebags.

While scouring the pools we came across an active Black-shouldered Spinyleg Dromogomphus spinosus (Gomphe épineux), a new species for the site (#77). In the same area we had many Eastern Amberwings Perithemis tenera (Périthème délicate) and a few Halloween Pennants Celithemis emponina (Célithème géante), another first of the year for the site and pleasing to see as it confirms colonisation. At one point we did flush a saddlebags, it flew out over the water and away and we didn’t get onto it too well and couldn’t re-find it. It was interesting enough that I went back later to try again but no luck but there is always tomorrow. On my return I netted a Marsh Bluet Enallagma ebrium (Agrion enivré), new for my personal site list.

Below is the list, those marked * I added when I went back after Richard had departed.

Lyre-tipped Spreadwing Lestes unguiculatus (Leste Onguiculé); Slender Spreadwing Lestes rectangularis (Leste élancé); Northern Spreadwing Lestes disjunctus (Leste disjoint; Emerald Spreadwing Lestes dryas (Lesta dryade); Amber-winged Spreadwing Lestes eurinus (Leste flamboyant); Orange Bluet Enallagma signatum (Agrion orangé); Skimming Bluet Enallagma geminatum (Agrion minuscule); *Marsh Bluet Enallagma ebrium (Agrion enivré); Northern Bluet Enallagma annexum (Agrion porte-coupes); *Stream Bluet Enallagma exsulsans (Agrion exilé); Hagen’s Bluet Enallagma hageni (Agrion de Hagen); Azure Bluet Enallagma aspersum (Agrion saupoudré), *Familiar Bluet Enallagma civile (Agrion civil); Tule Bluet Enallagma carunculatum (Agrion des scirpes); River Bluet Enallagma anna (l’agrion à longs cerques); Sedge Sprite Nehalennia irene (Déesse paisible); Eastern Red Damsel Amphiagrion saucium (Agrion rougeậtre) ; Eastern Forktail Ischnura verticalis (Agrion vertical); Green Darner Anax junius (L’anax) ; Lake Darner Aeshna eremita (Aeschne porte-crosses); Black-shouldered Spinyleg Dromogomphus spinosus (Gomphe épineux); Brush-tipped Emerald Somatochlora walshii (Cordulie de Walsh); *Common Baskettail Epitheca cynosura (Épithèque à queue de beagle); Prince Baskettail Epitheca Princeps (Épithèque princière); Twelve-spotted Skimmer Libellula pulchella (La gracieuse); Common Whitetail Plathemis lydia (La lydienne); Widow Skimmer Libellula luctuosa (La mélancolique); Four-spotted Skimmer Libellula quadrimaculata (La Quadrimaculée); Calico Pennant Celithemis elisa (Célithème indienne); Halloween Pennant Celithemis emponina (Célithème géante); Saffron-winged Meadowhawk Sympetrum costiferum Sympérum rubigineux); Band-winged Meadowhawk Sympetrum semicinctum (Sympétrum semi-ambré); Cherry-faced Meadowhawk Sympetrum internum (Sympétrum intime); Dot-tailed Whiteface Leucorrhinia intacta (Leucorrhine mouchetée); White-faced Meadowhawk Sympetrum obtrusum (Sympétrum éclaireur); Eastern Amberwing Perithemis tenera (Périthème délicate), Wandering Glider Pantala flavescens (Pantale flavescente).

A now a few images: Lyre-tipped Spreadwing; Northern Spreadwing (three images); River Bluet;  Emerlad Spreadwing; female Lyre-tipped Spreadwing; Halloween Pennant; Eastern Pondhawk; Eastern Amberwing.

DSCN2032 DSCN2039 DSCN2051 DSCN2114 DSCN2171 DSCN2180 IMG_0482 IMG_0508 IMG_0590 IMG_0627

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