Wayne Grubert recently sent me a clubtail image to identify, it was taken near Falcon Golf Club at Hudson, QC. Clubtails can be quite tough but the image had good detail and I deduced that it was a Midland Clubtail Gomphus fraternus (Gomphe fraternal). I’ve seen these quite frequently at Baie Brazeau, direction at  They are presumably breeding in the Ottawa River and then wandering and seem to be quite widespread. In general terms it has been pretty poor for clubtails locally this year. The stop start season has taken its toll but other stuff seems intent on taking up the slack and, when the temperature is a bit higher than today (Wednesday), there is a good variety of odes on the wing.

Midland Clubtail - Wayne Grubert

If you are bilingual and want to follow other odeists at work, Caroline Piché has an excellent blog about her adventures at She and her ‘team’ are finding some great stuff and are even tackling exuvia, something I have generally shied away from.

Another local blog that is now featuring odes from time to time is at Seb Castagnier is expanding his interests, also Regis Fortin has ode images at amongst many other things.

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I'm a birder, I also look at odes and leps, busy guy.
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