These past few days we have had visitors from the UK. Not odeists or birders but polymaths and so happy to try new things. To entertain them, they are celebrating 20 years of marriage by touring North America for a month, we took them to Parc Omega north of the Ottawa River. The idea was to show them the various animals that they might encounter and just have a good day out. We walked one of the trails (Fox – 2.5km) and we were photographing darners in-cop when one of them pointed out a perched clubtail on a short branch, just off the floor. The trail was busy and I snapped a few quickly before it flushed.

Now that our guests have gone on their way I was reviewing the ode, expecting it to be (yet another) Elusive Clubtail Stylurus notatus (Gomphe marqué) that had not read the script. Looking at it properly, it turned out to be an Arrow Clubtail Stylurus spiniceps (Gomphe fléché), a lifer and a flight date extension for Québec (as per the dates in Odonates du Québec) by six days. I also took advantage of slack time to take a shot of one of the very many Autumn Meadowhawks Sympetrum vicinum (Sympétrum tardif) as we watched the Wolves being fed.

Below the images. I have a pile of other stuff to process and will post when I have the opportunity. The season continues…

P1090037 Arclb

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I'm a birder, I also look at odes and leps, busy guy.
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