Odes and ends part three

Here is another round-up of recent ode shots from various places. The blog as such gets quite a few readers now which is encouraging. The object of the blog was to get odes to as many people as possible and that seems to be happening. I am aware that some of the Blog readers will be Francophone and I’d just like to point out that I’d be happy to post pieces in French if people send them too me.

So, off we go with the first item: Wayne Grubert sent me this photo of a pair of White-faced Meadowhawks Sympetrum obtrusum (Sympétrum éclaireur) in-cop. The female is the rare (per Paulson) red type female.

Meadowhawks with Alternate Lifestyle

My onslaught on unsuspecting darners continues apace. Below are some shots of a male and female Green-striped Darner Aeshna verticalis (Aeschne verticale) taken when Richard Yank came over to St-Lazare seeking saddlebags and we dropped into ‘Elusive Alley’ at Bordelais Bog on the off-chance.

Grnstrpfm grnstrpfmface grnstrpmalesd grnstrpmalface grnstrpmlfull

While at St-Lazare pits we caught a few odes. One interesting damselfly was this female Orange Bluet Enallagma signatum (Agrion orangé).

orngblutfem2 orngbltfem1 Also caught were Black Saddlebags Tramea lacerata (Traméa Lacérée) and Green Darner Anax junius (L’anax).

grndrnside grndrnface blksdlbgsface blksdlbgs

On a recent visit to Baie Brazeau I caught a few Canada Darners Aeshna canadensis (Aeschne du Canada) with interesting side stripes. Both showed ‘holes’ and it is tempting to wonder whether they had the same parents to produce such a variation.

P1090018 P1090015 P1090013 P1080997 P1080995 P1080994

I recently had a stab at photographing a flying Lance-tipped Darner Aeshna constricta (Aeschne constrictor) at St-Lazare sand pits. While the results are not terrible they would benefit from more depth of field.

IMG_2216 IMG_2212 IMG_2211 IMG_2204

I also caught a Lance-tipped Darner at St-Timothee Marsh to add it to my ‘in-the-hand’ photo collection.

lnctipstripes lnctpface lnctpfside

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