Just to say that I have rather neglected this blog in 2014. I did a bit of odeing but had other priorities. It is unlikely that I will be in Quebec next year and so equally unlikely that I’ll be posting anything here again, however, my next location will no doubt have odes and, if so, I’ll be renaming the blog and posting from there.

I’ll be keeping my main blog going for now although that too might well change next year.

Bye everyone, thanks for your interest.

Update January 2016 – I moved to Nova Scotia in May 2015 and no longer update this blog. My new blog (mostly birds) is at

Mark Dennis

About mdinns15

I'm a birder, I also look at odes and leps, busy guy.
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3 Responses to Sleeping

  1. Richard Yank says:

    Hi Mark. Sorry to hear you’ll be leaving Montreal. Let’s keep in touch. Cheers, Richard

  2. Jerry Hatfield says:

    Mark, your images of Neon Skimmer female are, in fact, actually Flame Skimmer’s. Neon’s do not have coloration in leading edge of wings like the one you posted. Flame Skimmer, being the more common species between the two in my area (Lubbock, Texas), I have had quite a few years of observing and photographing both and I am convinced your is a Flame Skimmer. Nevertheless, I can understand how the two species females can be confusing even to some experts I had challenged in the Austin, Texas area a few years ago. When all was said and done, the identity of the female Libellula photographed and posted as L. croceipennis by the Austin photographer was, in fact L. saturata.


    • notdennis51 says:

      Thanks for the correction Jerry, I’ll update although the Quebecodes blog has ended since I moved to Nova Scotia in May 2105. At some point I’ll do a similar thing for my new adopted province. Thanks again.

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