Quinn’s Road, Clyde River – June 2016.

I nipped out for a couple of hours midday 6/22 as the sun was shining and the wind less strong than it had been recently. I opted for the 4.2km Quinn’s Road which follows the Clyde River although you barely see it until the parking lot at the end. Along the road the activity was slow but good looks at a patrolling Dragonhunter were had plus another large hawker type that refused to come low enough for any sort of view.

At the parking lot there is a cut that passes under a bridge off the main river. There is a pile of debris that was a fighting ground for upwards of 20 Ebony Jewelwings. A little further out, just where the main river passes, River Jewelwings were disputing perches, perhaps six or so males. Below images of both jewelwings.

IMG_0783 IMG_0788 IMG_0797

There were few damselflies around other than numerous Powdered Dancers. Lots of typical habitat for them nearby in terms of a flowing river with boulders. In the herbage, a few Eastern Forktails picked their way around along with one Northern Bluet and this Aurora Damsel.


Eight species recorded is rather low for the habitat type and June however, the cold weather we have experienced up until the last few days has no doubt affected emergence and things should improve. The full species list for the visit was: Ebony and River Jewelwing; Powdered Dancer; Aurora Damsel; Northern Bluet; Eastern Forktail; Dragonhunter; Stream Cruiser.

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I'm a birder, I also look at odes and leps, busy guy.
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