I had a little look around the track to Barrington Lake, funnily enough near Barrington, today. I only got part way along as I came across a bit of ode habitat and spent time watching and netting a few. My netting skills are not great but I caught two Twin-spotted Spiketails, a Nova Scotia tick and always fun to see. The same stretch of river had Stream Cruisers, a Springtime Darner and a few bluets that kept their distance.

Netting odes is something that does no harm to them, sure they get a bit angry but but soon calm down and let you photograph them. Normally when you release them they fly off smartish but this one sat on my hand a few minutes allowing me to get better shots. They do land in favourite spots but you need fortune to chance upon them.

 DSCN3913 DSCN3895 DSCN3907 DSCN3887

Spiketail habitat.

Later I dropped into a quarry on Wireless Station Road where the quarry pool run-off provides habitat for common species such as this male 12-Spotted Skimmer. I also saw a number of teneral meadowhawk species and what was probably a Hudsonian (or, less likely, Canada) Whiteface. Several spreadwings were also on the wing too, probably northern but all females or tenerals so I’m not even trying to ID them.


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I'm a birder, I also look at odes and leps, busy guy.
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