Wilson Rd, Yarmouth Co

Yarmouth County seems to have a very much more diverse topography than Shelburne County, or perhaps it is more obvious because there are so many more back roads to investigate than we have in Shelburne. Today 4/7/16, Sandra and I had to visit Yarmouth and so detoured en-route home via Wilson Rd , near Quinan. The road is quiet, has a good pond part way along and has the larger Wilson Lake which passes under a convenient bridge.

Access to the lake edge is tricky but I walked down a drive to a property and was able to get at water level. Activity was slow to moderate with the highlight being this male Slaty Skimmer. I had seen it from the bridge and so was pleased to be able to get closer for definitive looks for my NS tick.

IMG_1391 IMG_1441 IMG_1439 IMG_1425 IMG_1417

In the margins, Stream Bluets were common (NS tick) along with the expected Powdered and these Variable Dancers. A few Lancet Clubtails buzzed about and a Green Darner made a pass or two.



Stream Bluet

The last time I visited this site for odeing, last year on June 20th, these were around. A Springtime Darner which I was able to net, and a Stream Cruiser, settled in the grass as they sometimes do late in the day.

Sprind3 IMG_5649

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I'm a birder, I also look at odes and leps, busy guy.
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