Clyde River Road Odes

After a few days of unsuitable weather, the sun came out and I had a small window in my busy plumbing schedule, so I drove part of the Clyde River Road, Shelburne Co in search of odes. The road follows, for the most part, the Clyde River which should be better than it is but is oddly foamy some days. The area is dotted with sphagnum bogs although the continuing drought has seen many areas dry up. The best odeing begins once you leave the paved road for the rough track, and there are several stopping points worth a look.

My target species were Petite Emerald and Sphagnum Sprite and I managed to find both, the sprite through diligent searching, the emerald via dumb luck. Petite Emerald was a life ode for me, pity it had suffered wing malformation, probably during emergence.

IMG_1823_edited-1 IMG_1816

The sprites are tiny and hard to focus on. It wasn’t possible to get any closer than about 2m so the shots are via a 400mm lens. In the same area were a number of Fragile Forktails, almost equally tiny but looking more substantial alongside the sprites.

IMG_1848 IMG_1844_edited-1 IMG_1802

Fragile Forktail below.

IMG_1788 IMG_1792

I had hoped for a few more emerald species, although I have yet to find the right spots for them. One regular stop at normally open water, now almost reduced to sludge, had an emerald flying a beat, as they do. The distinctive shape, coupled with the relatively small size, pointed to Brush-tipped Emerald. It never landed but this flight shot is good enough to prove the ID and I’ve included a better flight shot and a perched insect from Quebec for illustration.

IMG_1752 IMG_0327 IMG_0236 

The rest of the drive, some 40km in total, was rather quiet. A section of river had the expected Variable and Powdered Dancers, Ebony Jewelwings, Lancet Clubtails and predatory Dragonhunters.

IMG_1906 IMG_1894 IMG_1883 IMG_1896 IMG_1922 

By the time I left, the temperature had risen to 28°C and the odes were flying high and fast. I was happy to get my lifer Petite Emerald and NS ticks Sphagnum Sprite and Brush-tipped Emerald. I suspect I’m going to need to look hard at Google Earth to find a few more spots on side trails along the road to investigate if I am going to find many more species.


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I'm a birder, I also look at odes and leps, busy guy.
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1 Response to Clyde River Road Odes

  1. Rachel Hoogenbos says:

    Congratulations on the Lifer! Love the pictures. It would be helpful if you give indication of size in cm/inches, I assume lots of people have no idea what constitutes little …. Tx

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