Two more for NS

While twitching a Ruff (and adding Black Terns to my NS bird list) in Cumberland County 7/22/16 I managed to look at a few odes before the wind drove the insects down. It was a bit irritating as, earlier in the day one road had quite a few odes swirling around but they had all but gone for shelter when we went back. The area we were in, basically the marshes around Amherst on the border with New Brunswick, are probably excellent for odes in better conditions, still two more species were added to my Nova Scotia list, Northern Spreadwing and Belted Whiteface.

The male Belted Whiteface is quite easy to identify, Frosted Whiteface being the main confusion species. The females are trickier although, with practice, the different sizes and structures help although Dot-faced Whiteface females also enter the equation and male dot-tails were abundant at Amherst so females will be too.

Here is the Belted Whiteface:


The Northern Spreadwings were all immature or females, here is a diagnostic view of the important bit for ID. Taken with a bridge camera set to macro.


Below is an adult Northern Spreadwing from elsewhere.



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I'm a birder, I also look at odes and leps, busy guy.
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1 Response to Two more for NS

  1. Rachel Hoogenbos says:

    love the odes, and admire your always immaculately clean nails! Mine would look grubby, at best..

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