Salty Ode

Suddenly we have lots of Seaside Dragonlets on the wing and where I live they are particularly abundant. They are one of the easier to identify odes especially the males that look black at distance but are much more intricate close up. They are particularly reactive so hard to approach, also they don’t tend to perch nicely in the open, preferring to keep at least one blade of grass across a part of their wing or body. They are wholly reliant on a saline environment, breeding in shallow pools that regularly enjoy tide inundation. They are pretty widespread being found all along the length of the eastern seaboard of North America.

IMG_4802 IMG_4815_edited-1 IMG_4824 IMG_4832_edited-1 IMG_4852


About mdinns15

I'm a birder, I also look at odes and leps, busy guy.
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