Still Flying

Sandra and I took a short walk along the Shelburne, NS Municiple Trail 9/21/16. It was hot and there was still a bit of ode activity. The highlight was a male Incurvate Emerald that hawked a small area ravaged by off-road bikes for a while. We probably saw three different insects in the heat of the day and, naturally, none of them would land. In such cases the only answer is to switch to manual focus, up the ISO to 400 and the aperture to 7.1 and take the photo of it flying. I tend to focus on the regular range of the insect first and then wait for it to come past on its beat. Once it look sharp I rapid fire while continually tweaking the focus. Normally at least one shot is gives you something to identify it with and occasionally one is good enough to use.

img_4098 Also along the route were many Autumn Meadowhawks, the males are in territory. img_4103

The section of trail we walked, adjacent to Brass Hill and accessed from Wireless Station Road, Barrington, looks pretty good for odes and I’ve marked it for more thorough attention next year. I suspect I won’t get many more ode shots this year now but you never know, perhaps there are a few more surprises lurking in deepest Shelburne County still to discover


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I'm a birder, I also look at odes and leps, busy guy.
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