About Time!

I did see a dragonfly species right at the end of May, but it zapped away before I had even a fraction of a second on it and it was lost. Since then I have been looking wherever I’ve been. Sunny glades, sheltered lanes, woodland rides. Finally, on June-7th, my first ode of the season, a Lancet Clubtail. It was on Frotton Road, a top birding lane in the Quinan, Yarmouth County area that seems to be in the process of being sold off and developed. The ode in question only lingered a while but long enough for an ID if not a photo.

Today, June-1th I finally got to see some odes, well two species, which I thought remarkable given that we got drenched by 50mm of rain yesterday, out of the cold east too. Today’s fare might have been meagre but it is a start. I saw one Green Darner and it seemed intent on giving the five or so Four-spotted Skimmers a hard time, or perhaps it was they who were being belligerent. I got a photo of the skimmer, when one finally deigned to land for a few seconds. I stood for a while to try for flight shots of the darner but it wasn’t having any.


The season will get better, more odes will appear and hopefully I’ll get to see a few and one or two might even be new, now we are off on the 2017 ode season, about time too!

About mdinns15

I'm a birder, I also look at odes and leps, busy guy.
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