Back to Quinn’s Falls Rd, Shelburne Co

For various reasons I have not had much odeing opportunities recently, so today I got out and about and managed to add a few species to my meagre year list, one of which was also new for my NS life list.

Most of my focus was along Quinn’s Falls Road, essentially right at the end where the river has a cut and there is always some ode action to enjoy. As usual the log jam between river and cut was busy, mostly with Ebony Jewelwings having constant disagreements with everything. I was actually looking for River Jewelwing which are regular there but nothing doing and the track to the river edge where they favour is messy with a fallen tree. The Ebony was easy enough to catch though.

In the margins many Stream Bluets stuttered around while on the tracks both Powdered and Variable, although I prefer Violet Dancers jigged.


A regular feature of the spot is an ongoing melee between various fast-flying species. Sometimes Stream Cruiser is involved and sometimes Lancet Clubtail. A swish of then new got me this one.


A second swish produced an unexpected ode, perhaps more through lack of experience of the species than actual scarcity. I knew once I had it netted that it was more interesting than the clubtails and so it proved, my first in-hand Uhler’s Sundragon.


There was a general lack of large odes, I did see a couple of Dragonhunters going about their business and a darner sp., that I would have liked a decent view of.

The outlook is for good weather and so perhaps I can finally settle down and get some consistency to the odeing. All species were photographed only, and then released and I reported them via Odonata Central


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I'm a birder, I also look at odes and leps, busy guy.
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