High Water

In the course of a recent visit to Halifax (July-20th) we happened past the LeHave River at the Cooksville Regional Park, Lunenburg Co., where we had seen Rusty Snaketail last year. Hoping for similar it was disappointing to find the water very high and not too much on the rocks, or at least on the area visible from the parks trail. There was some activity though, perhaps the best ode being the quite numerous Slaty Skimmer. A few posed in areas I could reach, too close at times for my big lens.


The rocks and margins had species typical of the habitat, such as these Stream Bluets.


Powdered Dancers were plentiful.


I only saw one pair of Variable Dancers though.


This female River Jewelwing was a bit distant and the shot affected by heat haze.


This female jewelwing (below) Derek Bridgehouse thinks is a Superb. Excellent, I have very little experience of them, thanks very much for the ID Derek.


The only other odes on show were the ubiquitous Spot-winged Glider and patrolling Dragonhunters.


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I'm a birder, I also look at odes and leps, busy guy.
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