Chalk and Cheese

The morning of 29-May, 2018 was pretty yuk with drizzle, fog and a cold wind that seemed to follow you around. This being Canada we knew we just needed to be patient and wait, after all the weather people had promised a bright afternoon and when have they ever got it wrong?, well, not this time and by 2pm it was fit to venture into the woods. Sandra and I chose to look along the Old Hay Road going north out of Barrington, travelling as far as Barrington Lake, not expecting too much but optimistic that we’d get the odd ode.

At the start of the road (just about) there is a bridge over a back water of the Barrington River. We had a nice Uhler’s Sundragon working the river there and lucked in when it landed on a grass clump to get its breath back after some serious territory dispute. Below is my shot, I use a Canon 7D mk11 with a 100-400 IS lens, not perfect but fairly functional. Sandra has a Lumix DMC-FZ2500 which is proving to be an excellent choice and took shots at the same time, hers follow mine for comparison, pretty impressive and a good choice if you were setting up to do insects and birds without giving yourself a back strain. Three shots from her.

This is a shot of the habitat by Sandra, Twin-spotted Spiketails are common here later.


The track goes through heathland with some water but not much. Odes were lifting off the floor frequently but rarely lingered. We did see an Ebony Jewelwing and Springtime Darner well, otherwise most of the rest appeared to be Mantled Baskettail. We did have one emerald sp. But it was very lively and never came near the net or an observable perch. Two are mine, the rest Sandra’s.

At the lake we found the odes dried up, perhaps due to the north-west wind into the shore. The lake looks a great spot to explore by boat though, you just have to bounce one along the track to get there!

My season has been slow but now numbers nine species and should improve. I am still looking for Ebony Boghaunter which must be here somewhere. I probably have a month or so to find it, I just have to hope the weather plays ball.

About mdinns15

I'm a birder, I also look at odes and leps, busy guy.
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