Ode books

With the recent publication of Dennis Paulson’s ‘Dragonflies and Damselflies of the East’ we now have a visual reference for all of North America. There are also several useful state guides and the Algonquin Park guide which remains invaluable. Below are scans of the publications I have and use and comments where appropriate. To my mind you cannot have enough visual reference and as this blog is a field ID blog, perusal of these various books will help that cause along.

This and the following two are ‘must have’ guides for north-east based ode seekers.

The east and west guide are excellent. I, personally, would have preferred the dragonflies and damselflies split into their own volumes to allow more room for each. Both books are available via KOBO, if you have a KOBO e-reader. Unfortunately the KOBO device does not seem to allow quick page selection and treats it as a book reading from page 1. You can, however, page to a species and then be ready for field use if you want to reference the guide.

This is the Quebec guide. It is in French with scientific and English names. There are maps with grids and the species range is divided up into climate zones. The book was published in 1998 and is naturally dated but still useful as a starting point with Quebec’s species. There is currently some sort of Quebec odonata survey happening but the information is vague and there appears to be no contact email for the organisers. From what I understand you can buy a collecting kit from somewhere which, if that is the case, is a pretty backward way of surveying odonata when a digital image will suffice for most species.

I find this and the following to be a good source of reference from time to time.

This book is not really a reference but uses scanned images, some of which are quite large and might give you nightmares. For some of the images you get the impression that the unfortunate insect flew into the open book and then the book was closed quickly.

I include this here because this is what we should hope for at some point, an illustrated field guide. There are several excellent illustrators out there that could complete the task but I don’t think many could come close to Richard Lewington, my opinion.

I didn’t seek permission to use any of these representations but thank those who hold copyright for allowing me to reproduce and advertise their works. If anyone has any reservations about their images being reproduced here, please contact me and I will remove the image at once and apologise publically for its use.

These references are avalaible from various sources including Amazon.com. If anyone wants specific information they can contact me and I’ll be happy to oblige.

Algonquin small ED-Lam-9 small Paulson east small

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